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Choosing the right hair color(s) for your custom lace wig or hair unit is a very important decision.
Whether you're a basic #1, #1B, or #2 hair color person, or like spicy ombre blondes, golds and reds, here are a few factors to consider before making your final decision about color:
•Virgin Wigs last longest because the hair has not been chemically processed.
•Dark wigs in general last longer than light colored wigs because high lift colors dry out the hair, which can cause breakage and shedding.
•Light colored curly and wavy wigs, especially longer lengths, tangle more quickly than ones that do not have processed color.
•Curly and wavy wigs should not be hot curled or flat ironed.

More about colors:
Highlights add touches of lighter contrasting colors to darker hair. They can be applied anywhere throughout wigs and hair units in different densities. MsLola.com offers bold and soft highlights as well as 2-tone ombres. Several highlight densities are available for your custom wig or hair unit. If you're trying color for the first time, we suggest a low color density and then gradually add more color with future units. Ombre is an exciting new hair color where the hair shaft and ends are different colors but with equal distribution, so if your order a 14-inch wig, the top color will be 7 inches and the bottom color will be 7 inches.

The color swatches below depict MsLola.com standard hair colors available for custom wigs and hair units. These are digital images and may display on computer monitors slightly lighter or darker than true colors.

If you'd like to preview our hair colors, origins and textures, order the Pre-Loaner Kit, which contains human hair swatches of MsLola.com hair origins, hair textures and hair colors. Save $60 when you place a custom order. Click here for details.

Don't see the hair color you want? No problem. Send a physical sample and we will duplicate the color. Please contact Ms Lola about your order at 252-339-8802 before shipping sample.

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