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I sweat a lot and I'm having trouble getting my cream to stick. What Should I do? Make sure that you have thoroughly removed all oils from the bonding area with 99% alcohol prior to installing your unit. For best results, bond only to total hair loss areas. Apply Super Tapes and then an even smooth layer of STAY to bonding area. While the cream is drying but still white, gently to firmly, press the lace to the application. Allow about 30 minutes total bonding time for a waterproof bond that should withstand intense perspiration.

Ms Lola what exactly do u use to keep your wigs bonded for 2 weeks or more? I've tried the vapon no tape and supertape and didnt get a hold longer than a week or so. What do u use around the hairline and then the nape area? I use 2 layers of STAY, band-aids and either No Tape or Super Tapes. I usually touch up any areas that lift during the 2-week period with No Tape.

Ms Lola, can a front lace glueless wig be worn in a high ponytail? Or can this only be done with a full lace stretch cap glueless wig? Glueless wigs can not be worn in a high ponytail because they have adjustable back straps, which prevents bonding to the nape area. They can be worn in low ponytails.

Can you still bond your glueless wigs? Yes, you can bond the front hairline with adhesive are tapes.

What adhesive do you recommend using when traveling to warmer climates (Caribbean)? I recommend STAY Bonding Adhesive and Super Tapes for the strongest bond during humid weather.

Can I e-mail you a picture of how I want my wig colored? You can email me a picture of the coloring technique, however for the best result, I suggest you mail me a physical sample.

What moisturizer did you on your model Leatrice in your Hair Wars Premiere video. Can I purchase the moisturizer at your on-line store? That product is Prestige Glowing Shine, which adds shine without weighing down the hair. I sell it online.

If Malaysian Remy hair is unprocessed, does the hair retain its texture after washing several times? Particularly, Yaki Kinky, Yaki Straight, or plain Yaki. Unprocessed Malaysian Hair is virgin and silky straight. We would have to process the virgin hair into Yaki Kinky, Yaki Straight, or plain Yaki, which would render it no longer virgin or unprocessed, however those textures will retain the texture after shampoos.

If a client is going through chemotherapy and has lost all hair, will the STAY be all that is needed to keep the lace unit in place? Chemotherapy changes the chemical balance of ones body, therefore the bonding qualities of STAY may react unpredictably. I suggest that you use two wide layers since you do not have hair to interfere with the bonding area. This should ensure ultimate bonding.

Do you have a product that help control severe itching from wearing lace wigs? We do not have a product for severe itching. It sounds like you're having an allergic reaction to the adhesives. I suggest you see a dermatologist.

Hello Ms Lola, I was either on your website or watching you on YouTube and you used a piece of fabric or something to create a scalp in your lace wig without wearing a stocking cap, what was the fabric and how did you do that? Thank you for your videos and website. Hi, I used a parting insert, which is a swatch cut from a wig cap and attached to the underside of the lace of your wig with adhesive tapes. This method is great to use in the crown of your wig for partings. An easier method is to use concealer on the underside of the cap where the part will be.

I am 65 years old and was informed that I should consider only a frontal lace front wig instead of a full, because as we get older the perspiration is much greater on the back of the neck. Is this true? Which one would you recommend? If only your front hairline is affected by hair loss, and the rest of your hair is thick and full, a frontal or half wig is an excellent choice because you can attach it to your hair with clips. If all of your hair is thin, you will need a full lace wig. Also, your age isn't a factor. Adhesives are available that will keep the back of your wig bonded even if you perspire.

I want to thank you I learned to install my lace wig and love it. I have one problem I can not keep the back from detaching. Any recommendations? I suggest that you layer STAY and Super Tapes. For example, a layer of STAY; a layer of adhesive tapes, and a layer of STAY. You can alternative or create new layering adhesive methods until you find which works best for your body chemistry and lifestyle.

Ms Lola, I have very oily skin and sweat at night. Which would be the best bond for me. Thx. I suggest that you use STAY and Super Tapes together around the entire bonding area. You may also use STAY as a third layering adhesive in the nape only.

I've placed an order for a full wig with clips and paid the first of two payments. How do I go about paying for the rest? Do I have to wait until you contact me first notifying me that my wig is ready? You will receive an End of Production email for payment when your wig/hair unit is ready to ship to you, however you may make final payment at any time before then by requesting a final payment invoice.

Hi Ms. Lola I live in Virginia Beach, VA and i would like to purchase a couple of full lace units from you. Do I have to set up an appointment or do i just walk in? I am now retired from the salon and run from my home. Call me at 252-339-8802, and I will be happy to schedule a private session for you to at the salon.

I have tried to find 99% alcohol in local stores and medical supply stores, where might I purchase this other than online? Try a hospital pharmacy.

What is the BEST AND STRONGEST way to do an application using STAY and a tape adhesive? Which tape adhesive do you recommend and are the tapes water based? The best application for STAY and adhesive tapes is to apply the cream to your skin, allow it to dry clear, and then apply the tapes over it. For a super bond, you can apply another layer of STAY over the tapes before bonding to the lace. Also, Super Tapes and True Blue Tapes are waterproof, with bonding times up to 3 weeks.

Which adhesive is best for bonding full lace wigs and hair units? Adhesives work differently for individuals according to ones body chemistry, lifestyle, and expertise in application? STAY bonding adhesive is easiest to apply because it offers a one step application. Adhesive tapes are also fairly easy to apply. The straight strips and contours strips are best for beginners. Seasoned wearers often prefer the less expensive tape rolls and will cut them as needed to fit the bonding area. Liquid adhesives such as No Tape offer the longest bonding times but can be messy to apply and turn white under the application if applied too thickly. In general, I suggest that you experiment with different adhesives and adhesive methods until you find the combination(s) that works best for you.

I have sensitive skin and have tried several different adhesives. I noticed in all of your videos that you use No Tape (which is silicone based) for a strong hold. What would you recommend to someone who can ONLY USE WATER BASED ADHESIVES and exercises often? Unfortunately, sensitive skin presents a problem for bonding lace wigs and hair units because in order to get a strong bond, aggressive adhesives such as No Tape are required. Although Ms Lola's Adhesive Cream is waterproof, it can require use with either No Tape or adhesive tapes to provide a bond strong enough to withstand the excessive perspiration encountered with regular exercising.Which adhesive(s) bond for the longest amount of time? Bonding times will vary for the same reasons as given above. The average bonding time is one week. Longer bonding times can be achieve by layering adhesives, which means using one to three products together. Remember to aim for transparency in applications. If you choose to layer, apply the adhesives thinly and smoothly. A maximum of two are recommended for the center front hairline. You can use three at the temples down and the back hairline.

Can wigs be reused or just worn once? Quality wigs can worn for up to one year. Average wearing times between installations and removals is 2 weeks, which is the average time the wig will remain bonded.

Will 99% alcohol damage or discolor my wig after using it multiple time to detach the lace unit? 99% Alcohol will not discolor the lace or damage the hair.

My scalp is really dry. Can I grease my scalp under my wig? Any type of oil will cause adhesives to resist bonding. Try using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to control dry scalps instead of oils.

I work out for 40 minutes daily and I have hot flashes so I sweat and your adhesive cream only held for one week. I know my sweating may be the problem, but how can I get a longer bonding time? The average bonding time for STAY is one week, even with heavy perspiration, however, ones body chemistry can affect its effectiveness. For a longer bonding time, you can use adhesive tapes or No Tape with the cream. Also, let the first layer dry completely clear. Press the lace to the second layer when the cream is slightly white. The cream will dry clear under the lace to form a strong bond.

How long should I wait for STAY to dry before pressing the lace to it? How long should I wait for No Tape to dry? Should I put adhesive on my skin and the lace? Let the first layer of STAY to dry clear for however long it takes; press the lace to the second layer of STAY before the cream dries. When the cream has dried clear the bond is set. Wait 2 hours before showering or exercising. Let No Tape dry for 60 seconds, and then lightly at first to more firmly, press lace to it. Let the application dry for 2 hours before getting it wet. I suggest applying cream and liquid adhesives to the skin only.

How often should you use knot sealer on a wig so that it won't shed? And how much shedding is normal if any? Knots are sealed at the factory so you don't need to seal them again unless shedding is excessive. Using knot sealers on new wigs can actually damage the hair and cause dryness, breakage and premature shedding. Wigs normally shed 20 to 50 hairs a day. For this reason, they will generally need hair re-ventilation in 6 months to one year.

Can extensive glue and tape use on the skin eventually cause skin damage or worse---maybe a form of cancer? Have there been any studies on this do you know? Since bonding of lace wigs is relatively new, long-term adverse effects of adhesives have not been established. I do not know of any studies that have been conducted on these products. I recommend that you continue to research this information if you have a genuine concern.

What is the best product to use for touch ups between my applications? How do I perform touch ups? I suggest either STAY or No Tape for touch ups. Remove all adhesive from your skin and lace with a cotton swab saturated with 99% alcohol where the application has lifted. Let skin and lace dry, then apply STAY or No Tape to your skin with a small Precision Application brush (sold here). Wait 60 seconds and then press lace to adhesive.

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