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KITTY Spanish Curl Topper
KITTY Spanish Curl Topper

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  • KITTY is made with prime 9AAA grade virgin hair.
  • Her texture is Spanish curl
  • She is 3-8 inches layered
  • Hair color is virgin (close to #1B)
  • KITTY measures appx. 6" 6.5"
  • Unit is easy install! Just open all the clips, place the unit where you want it on your crown and align the middle with your middle part, scoop each clip under your hair and shut close. Never fasten either too tight! Unit will look best your hair texture closely matches it. Important: Unclip unit before sleeping if your crown hair is very thin or weak.

Care/Maintenance: Spanish curls are very soft and manageable. When shampooing, pull curls gently without disturbing the curl pattern. Condition curls the same way. Towel dry, finger style, brush or comb curls into place and let air dry. Install unit when the cap is completely dry and then mist hair with water and replace curls as desired.